Introducing PneumaPage Search: Helping healthcare businesses attract more patients

We are on a mission to build a digitally connected healthcare ecosystem where healthcare businesses/practices can grow whilst improving the patient care experience and care outcomes.

The growth of a practice, patient experience and overall care outcome is highly dependent on how patients find and connect with the best healthcare providers that they can trust to deliver the best care for them.

We are launching PneumaPage Search to help patients search, discover and book trusted and high traction healthcare practices for their healthcare needs across different categories such as dental clinics, eye clinics, wellness, clinics etc.

How does this work?

Say Ayodele needs to visit a dentist for scaling and polishing. He would typically go on Google to search for “dentists around me” or “the best dental clinics around me”. This returns a list of 5 shortlisted dental clinics to choose from but for Ayodele, there is not enough information to inform his choice so he chooses one at random and trust to get the best care experience (not necessarily outcome).

With PneumaPage Search, Ayodele can search for dental clinics around him and he will be presented with a list of clinics and ranked based on a globally accepted medical social proof and a detailed list of services available by the provider.

Every booking from your PneumaPage will be sent to your Frontdesk dashboard automatically. With Frontdesk, you will be able to automate reminders, send messages, request payments and manage enquiries and feedback seamlessly.

How does this help my business?

Visibility : Small to Medium sized practices don’t have enough budget to invest in marketing and patient relationships which gives them the visibility that they need. The Search makes it easier for a provider with a relatively good traction to get discovered ahead of bigger practices with larger marketing spend.

Content Marketing : Content marketing is an inbound marketing approach that is best suited for healthcare businesses as it simultaneously educates the public and also empowers them with the appropriate care navigation. Our content will enable patients know what they are looking for and increase the number of searches that let you get found.

Improved care experience: Frontdesk empowers your practice to retain and recall patients by digitizing and streamlining your patient engagement. Patients can easily make enquiries, send messages, book appointments, make payments and give feedback. Automated reminders help you to never miss out on an appointment and reduces no shows and cancellations.

How are providers ranked?

The search directory guarantees the requisite visibility required to gain much needed traction and every offline patient managed through Frontdesk is a step closer to a new booking.

Healthcare unlike other businesses is a high trust and relationship based business where patients need social proof to aid their decision making. The most important social proof we have adopted is the “Number of patients seen” statistic which in this case, is based on the number of appointments managed on your Frontdesk platform. Make every call-in or walk-in patient count towards improving your list rank when you manage those patients with Frontdesk.

Frontdesk by Pneuma is a patient engagement tool that enables your healthcare business to retain patients by digitizing patient engagements from appointments scheduling to messaging and feedback management among others.

Would the patient see my price?

No, prices are not listed on the search directory and rankings are not based on the pricing of a provider. One of our key insights we had from our interactions with patients and providers was that pricing/affordability is not an indicator for quality care both for providers and patients. We are however partnering with financial institutions to ensure that patients can afford quality care by providing flexible payment options at point of care or through the provider PneumaPage.

What do I need to do?

  1. Set up your PneumaCare account: If you have been onboarded, you need to complete your profile by adding your service plans and updating your business descriptions to make it more attractive for patients. If you do not have a PneumaCare account, Sign up here (
  2. Use Frontdesk daily in your practice: Every patient you see is a step closer to getting another patient. PneumaPage Search guarantees over 10000 visits every week but only providers on the first few pages will be high traction and the key to this is managing your patients with Frontdesk. Beyond traction, Frontdesk saves your front office team time and energy by enabling them to engage with your patients seamlessly.
  3. Promote your PneumaPage: The PneumaPage is SEO optimized which means it can also be found via a Google search if the search keyword matches the services or descriptions you have provided. By adding your PneumaPage to your instagram, Google, twitter and Facebook bios, more patients can find it and easily book you whilst the link can be easily discovered by search engines.

What is the cost implication?

Pneuma will charge a 10% take rate on bookings that are referred through the search platform. Direct link bookings through your PneumaPage will not attract any charge as the patient will be charged a 2.5% processing fee when booking with payment.



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