Introducing PneumaCare Build Series

When we started building PneumaCare, one of the key insights we had was how most healthcare founders do not have the technical experience to lead or build their minimum viable products as well as in some cases lacking the prerequisite medical understanding required for solving the problem they aimed to solve. We termed this challenge as the healthcare innovators dilemma.

We solve this challenge by providing an API-connected healthcare infrastructure for healthcare businesses and companies to digitize care delivery and quickly build solutions. We also want to bridge the knowledge gap of non-technical founders by helping them to build efficiently.

In this light, we are starting PneumaCare Build; a content series that will feature blog articles, videos, and webinars on various product oriented topics that include leveraging no-code platforms, hiring and managing freelance engineers, $200 MVP and engineering 101 for non-technical founders among others.

Our goal is to empower founders to get their products to market faster and provide knowledge on key concepts — from product to investing and process management.

We are extremely excited about this, and if you are a founder or you’re looking to learn more about getting started faster, shipping amazing products early, and upscaling your use cases effectively, kindly follow our blog and subscribe to getting our stories via email.



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